Thursday, June 27, 2013

Globe 1,299 Plan (Up to 2 Mbps) Speedtest

Globe Broadband Speedtest

Because of my traumatic experiences with Smart Bro, I decided to try its main competitor - Globe Telecoms. I availed their 1,299 Plan (Unlimited bandwidth, Up to 2 Mbps, With Landline - Free Calls to Globe and TM Subscribers). Yes, it's a little more expensive than Smart's 999 plan... but who knows? Just look at my speedtest! Hope it will stay this way forever.


Marvixb said...

I've been reading your post. Wish you good luck on your globe 1,299. Hope it's now wimax. I've been a subscriber of globe wimax and terminate it after a year. It started well but as time goes on and you see your signal strength down to 3 your in deep trouble. If you wish to get a descent internet I suggest the wired dsl.

Anonymous said...

hi, good job! your posts are helpful. may I ask if you are located in Makati? i was checking out better DSL options..not happy with PLDT DSL and not so happy with smart bro stick/sun stick.. i'm using globe tattoo superstick.. thinking of having Skybroadband. i'm located in bangkal, really appreciate if you can give an advice.

Anonymous said...

planning to get interbet in the philippines?make sure that it is wired....if you choose to go wireless?good luck and may God Bless You